About Us

Eli Cannons Tap Room was the Connecticut innovator of the modern 'beer bar'. We insisted on only serving micro brewed beers and non main stream imports,much to the dismay of the big three that must remain nameless (BUD, MILLER and COORS). With only 6 taps at the time, rotation was key. When one half barrel kicked a different style was tapped. This ensured variety and forced customers (some physically) into trying something new. The customers we lost as a result of our philosophy,were never our customers anyway. They left. And made room for all of you,and for that we are thankful.

Our kitchen began small (literally) and simple. Quality comfort food at reasonable prices was the idea, the idea has never changed.only the size of the menu and kitchen staff have increased 300%. The size of the kitchen remains small, held hostage by the laws that prevent us from expanding the kitchen to the west and there by encroaching on an Acadian burial ground (dating back to the early 1700's) we choose to respect those ancient Cajun bones, that we believe give us good New Orleans juju!!


Fast forward 24 years: now, with 36 real ales on tap, often including firkins, randalls (beer infusers), beer bongs and an ale isolation tank (recently removed by the DEP and FBI with the help of the LSD). The menu is now large and in charge under the guidance if our Lord Fryer Vader, Lee, Squirrel, Rapp. Seasonal tastes as well as beer dinners and farm-to-table choices round out the consistent comfort foods that Eli Cannons was built on. Lee's kitchen crew turns out an amazing amount of food in a short amount of time from an incredibly small space. Some Wesleyan professors have questioned if the laws of physics actually apply in that room, some think there is a worm hole to a larger kitchen and some swear they have seen staff floating (all Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon style). The Witness Protection Program forbids us from investigating any or all of these claims.


In keeping with our commitment of being community minded, In January of 2012, we helped a long time employee open a business across the street from us called NoRA Cupcake Company. NoRA is the acronym for North of Rapallo Avenue.

We will continue to innovate and support the community that has supported us for so long. Because, it's not about us,it's about ALL of us.
-Suzanne, Phil, Rocco, Lee, JD, Mike, Bono, Dr.Martens, Eddie VanHalen (not alex), Edge, Andy Warhol (not Damien Hirst).